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Science may give you headaches, but bioprocess development should not.

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Speed up your biologics development and commercialization in three easy steps

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Streamline your bioprocess development with our expert team. We will eliminate the guesswork and ensure rapid advancement for exceptional success.
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Develop and commercialize biologics without the guesswork

Accelerating the Delivery of Your Biotherapeutic to Patients
Simplify your project
Remove complexity and guesswork thanks to our systematic and proven step-by-step framework.
Scale with confidence
Get the resources and guidance you need to scale your biologics production process with peace of mind.
Reduce Time to Market
Put your novel therapy on the market faster than your competitors do.

We help you navigate the complexities of monoclonal antibody and cell & gene therapy process development

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We’ve got you covered! You’ll get insights and support for early and late-stage development of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes (recombinant proteins, cell and gene therapy)

We help you choose the perfect CDMO, which can be overwhelming as a biotech startup.

We streamline and simplify your CMC development projects and programs so you can focus on what matters most: bringing new therapies to patients.
  • “We have been fully satisfied with the excellent level of performance. David is widely recognized for his expertise and excellent professional skills.”
    — Head of Bioprocess Development
15+ years of experience in biotech process development, technology innovation, large-scale manufacturing, and international technology transfers
PhD in cell culture media design to tailor the glycosylation of recombinant proteins (glycoengineering)
6 patents & 9 peer-reviewed publications

Process Development & Scale-up Kick-Start

Create a winning roadmap in the next 90 days to prepare the scale-up of your production process.
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What you’ll get:
A systematic and proven step-by-step process to remove complexity
An easy-to-follow framework and structure to kick-start your process scaling
The support, coaching, and mentorship you need to succeed
The tools and knowledge to create your custom winning roadmap

Biologic drug development is not as hard as you may think

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You may think bioprocess development and scale-up are highly complex. And you’re right!
Science and technology may give you headaches. But did you know that you can simplify bioprocess CMC development and commercialization into small, predictable steps?
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Your development & commercialization project starts with a free assessment

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“I’ll guide you step-by-step to remove complexity and take the guesswork out of scaling your production process.”
David Brühlmann Biotech Consultant
Dr. David Brühlmann, Managing Director

Take the guesswork out of bioprocess CMC development

Start simplifying your biologics drug development project today
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Most scientists struggle with CMC development. We help them create a winning roadmap so they can develop and scale up with peace of mind and deliver their novel therapy on time.
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