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Smart Biotech Scientist

The Go-to Podcast for Biotech Scientists Who Want to Master Bioprocess CMC Development and Manufacturing of Biologics.
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Smart Biotech Scientist Youtuvbe Channel

The Go-to Podcast for Biotech Scientists Who Want to Master Bioprocessing

Do you want to simplify bioprocessing so that you can scale with confidence and reduce time to market?

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed by the complexity and guesswork of biologics drug development?

Do you wish you had more time to enjoy the beauty of science, without worrying about failing your cell culture process development and commercialization?

There’s a way to simplify and streamline so you can remove complexity, skip trials and errors, deliver without delay your groundbreaking therapy to clinics and market, and still enjoy every single step it.

Learn how I and many industry experts did it.
In this podcast, you will learn:
How to actually enjoy doing all this
How to develop bioprocesses with peace of mind
How to master biologics drug development
How to deliver your life-transforming therapy to clinics and market fast and efficiently
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David Brühlmann – Biotech Entrepreneur & Cell Culture Technology Innovation Aficionado

Hey, I’m David Brühlmann, biotech entrepreneur and consultant, international technology transfer expert, and innovation coach. I’ve been there. And guess what, science may give you headaches, but biologics drug development should not.
David Brühlmann Biotech Consultant
David Brühlmann
Most scientists struggle with process scaling. We help them create a winning roadmap so they can scale up with peace of mind and deliver their novel therapy on time.
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